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"I arrived at David Henry's door pressured, vulnerable and skeptical. During the process David Henry earned my trust. I left David Henry's door enlightened, empowered, confident and ELATED. We WON!!! the case, a zoning issue. Therefore I can whole heartedly recommend David Henry's legal services. 
* David Henry provides his cell number for easy accessibility. 
* David Henry's billing reflects a pursuit of fairness and transparency. 
* David Henry's demeanor before the court was impressive. I felt safe."
Posted by Janet

"I have retained David for two separate legal issues. The first instance was a personal matter related to a large ticket consumer item purchased over the internet. The second, more involved, issue was a business matter related to a corporate merger. In both cases David was available as needed and resolved the case quickly and efficiently, while minimizing my cost. His fee was clear and straightforward."
Posted by Don

"This Attorney is amazing. I had a appointment with him, and was requested unexpectedly to appear in court the same day. Mr. Henry adjusted his schedule, reviewed documents, and met me in court within hours. The outcome was very favorable for me. I found him to be very competent, compassionate, and highly effective in his representation of my very complex situation.  This by far has been the BEST ATTORNEY I have ever encountered. He was just what I needed, gentle as a dove as I was very emotional, but the BULLDOG I needed in the courtroom. I would highly recommend this skilled Attorney to any and everyone who wants one thing. TO WIN."
Posted by Danielle

"I was very fortunate to meet David Henry due to an unfortunate tenant landlord issue. During our first conversation he explained the process which I would need to follow for resolution of the situation. He then explained his billing, which was extremely clear and fair, to me.
 Mr Henry was easily reached by cell phone and in the rare event that a message had to be left, a prompt call was returned. The case was difficult, however, he argued the case effectively at the hearing and we won!"
Posted by Michelle

"Mr. Henry is a fantastic attorney who has advised me on a number of varying issues I have had to deal with. From help with my corporation, to legal advice on my unfortunate divorce. He has always given me thoughtful insight to issues that have arisen and helped me flawlessly through the different legal proceedings I have undertaken."
Posted by Darin


"I was recommended David Henry by a work associate. I got in contact with his law firm and he got back to me immediately. I didn't know what to do or how this was going to work. David was very accommodating and assuring. He spoke to me as a friend instead of just another client, which has made this whole terrible experience alot easier. He is extremely confident in his work and as well should be. He is more than professional and gives you the confidence that you need to get through this long, hard process. David kept me well informed along every step of the way. Keeping in contact with me and updating me on any changes in the case. Money is another big part of this terrible process. David was not just helpful with setting up more a than fair price but also a fair and accommodating payment schedule. I can't say enough about how much David has helped me through this troubling time in my life."  Posted by Chris